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US-6917584-B2: Channel reassignment method and circuit for implementing the same patent, US-6976599-B1: Multi-rail dual hoisting crane patent, US-7004148-B2: Control apparatus for internal combustion engine patent, US-7011098-B2: Cosmetics case patent, US-7047265-B2: System and method for a single-pass multiple tap filter patent, US-7052356-B2: Bubble generating device patent, US-7172602-B2: Penile prosthesis implant insertion tool patent, US-7198238-B2: Leg device patent, US-7410295-B2: Gantry for a computed tomography apparatus patent, US-7471110-B2: Current mode interface for off-chip high speed communication patent, US-7498550-B2: Optical pickup apparatus which records and/or reproduces information using different types of optical information recording mediums patent, US-7501294-B1: VCSEL for high speed lower power optical link patent, US-7545207-B2: Control circuit and method for a switching amplifier patent, US-7548596-B2: Ethernet channel estimation device and method patent, US-7608507-B2: NAND flash memory devices and methods of fabricating the same patent, US-7673708-B2: Ball-activated mechanism for controlling the operation of a downhole tool patent, US-7746674-B2: Self-oscillating power converter patent, US-7777777-B2: System and method for active call monitoring patent, US-7868954-B2: Liquid crystal panel having elements for electrically coupling common electrode and common lines patent, US-7892151-B2: Sports board simulator patent, US-7905762-B2: System to detect the presence of a queen bee in a hive patent, US-8038161-B2: Folding structure for carrier's handlebar patent, US-8046396-B2: Residual Fourier-padding interpolation for instrumentation and measurement patent, US-8192086-B1: Air bearing patent, US-8260452-B2: System for reliable collaborative assembly and maintenance of complex systems patent, US-8289060-B2: Pulsed state retention power gating flip-flop patent, US-8377687-B2: System for harvesting algae in continuous fermentation patent, US-8536033-B2: SOI semiconductor device comprising a substrate diode and a film diode formed by using a common well implantation mask patent, US-8559241-B2: Data receiver, semiconductor device and memory device including the same patent, US-8562297-B2: Centrifugal fan patent, BE-458119-A: patent, US-8603893-B1: Methods for fabricating FinFET integrated circuits on bulk semiconductor substrates patent, US-6838232-B2: Production method of silver halide photographic emulsion and production apparatus thereof patent, US-6884216-B2: Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and ultrasound image display method and apparatus patent, US-6898105-B2: Ferroelectric non-volatile memory device having integral capacitor and gate electrode, and driving method of a ferroelectric non-volatile memory device patent, US-7017129-B2: Race condition detection and expression patent, US-7027006-B2: Apparatus and method for mounting a satellite dish to a pole patent, US-7057419-B2: Phase synchronization circuit patent, US-7068877-B2: Movable mirror device, dispersion compensator, gain equalizer, and optical ADM apparatus patent, US-7080204-B2: Cache controller computer system and method for program recompilation patent, US-7091669-B2: Light emitting panel and light emitting apparatus having the same patent, US-7158710-B1: Reconfigurable photonic band gap device patent, US-7169132-B2: Medication delivery pen patent, US-7262988-B2: Memory device and semiconductor device patent, US-7315774-B2: Jerk management using multivariable active driveline damping patent, US-7336141-B2: Junction with stepped structures between a microstrip line and a waveguide patent, US-7349071-B2: Pre-aligning a substrate in a lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured by the manufacturing method patent, US-7464269-B2: Secure method and system for handling and distributing digital media patent, US-7511966-B2: Printed circuit board patent, US-7640981-B2: Scale inhibition method patent, US-7650475-B2: Storage system and method for managing data using the same patent, US-7656573-B2: Method and apparatus for controlling a gap between conductors in an electro-mechanical device patent, US-7885512-B2: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information recording medium, and computer program patent, US-7913793-B2: Shaft-driven motorcycle with pivotally mounted swing arm and related support structure patent, US-7949379-B2: Foldable electronic device patent, US-7978022-B2: Cable to waveguide transition apparatus having signal accumulation form of backshort and active phase shifting using the same patent, US-7988156-B2: Additive pump patent, US-7993160-B1: Receptacle connector patent, US-7993168-B1: Battery terminal patent, US-8131958-B2: Storage system, storage device, and data updating method using a journal volume patent, US-8181466-B2: Mid-turbine frame patent, US-8194356-B2: Head-stack assembly including heat-dissipation and impedance-matching structure and hard-disk drive using the head-stack assembly patent, US-8220451-B2: Gelling agent heating unit patent, US-8378266-B2: Smart layered heater surfaces patent, US-8556073-B2: Carriers for carrying fasteners for fastener driving tools patent, US-6844119-B2: Method for producing a halftone phase shift mask blank, a halftone phase shift mask blank and halftone phase shift mask patent, US-6920527-B2: Portable RAM drive patent, US-6997875-B2: Acoustic border detection using power modulation patent, US-7058342-B2: Developing unit for image forming apparatus patent, US-7084814-B2: Planar inverted F antenna patent, US-7094247-B2: Intussusception and anastomosis apparatus patent, US-7105039-B2: Ozone remediation apparatus and methods patent, US-7170219-B2: Spark plug with multiple ground electrodes patent, US-7194855-B2: Communication protocol for a distributed electrohydraulic system having multiple controllers patent, US-7198368-B2: Optometric apparatus patent, US-7317658-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit and IC card patent, US-7330142-B2: Sigma-delta modulator with a quantizer/gain element patent, US-7348870-B2: Structure and method of fabricating a hinge type MEMS switch patent, US-7379426-B2: Routing loop detection program and routing loop detection method patent, US-7408648-B2: Method for tomographically displaying a cavity by optical coherence tomography (OCT) and an OCT device for carrying out the method patent, US-7415090-B2: Method and device for loop timing recovery based on maximum constellation signal patent, US-7434913-B2: Inkjet head, method for producing inkjet head, inkjet recorder and inkjet coater patent, US-7465093-B2: Linear guide apparatus patent, US-7488325-B2: Femoral neck resection guide patent, US-7505698-B2: Image formation device and cartridge which uses verification data stored in a memory of the cartridge patent, US-7558268-B2: Apparatus and method for combining forwarding tables in a distributed architecture router patent, US-7609386-B2: Optical characteristic measuring apparatus patent, US-7679001-B2: Circuit board and method of manufacture thereof patent, US-7764409-B2: Manuscript conveyer guide used for a manuscript reader unit patent, US-7770202-B2: Cross assembly call interception patent, US-7787597-B1: Automated tools for testing echo cancellers using natural speech excitations patent, US-7840055-B2: Computer aided tube and tip detection patent, US-7881929-B2: Ambient noise injection for use in speech recognition patent, US-7990921-B1: Intelligent traffic-channel-assignment message transmission patent, US-8008019-B2: Use of dual-tags for the evaluation of genomic variable repeat regions patent, US-8025132-B2: System and method for removing brake dust and other pollutants patent, US-8038784-B2: Non-aqueous pigment ink and non-aqueous pigment ink set patent, US-8089292-B2: System and method of measuring probe float patent, US-8131795-B2: High speed adder design for a multiply-add based floating point unit patent, US-8166745-B2: Tool for extracting and inserting pins of roller chains patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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